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About Idensity

Idensity is born in 2008 with JP Ouamer and Alain Arciciacono. Their similar influences motivate them to create their own death melodic universe, inspired by Opeth, Devin Townsend, and many other bands from Nevermore to Katatonia.

The adventure comes to reality several months later with the coming of the bass player Jonathan Bartolo and the ex Cridames singer: Christophe Ferreira. Inspiration is there, simbiosis gradually takes over and compositions start like a rocket. They will be enriched with the rhythmic guitarist Antoine Leboisselier and later with the female violinist Mayline Gautié. Being an integral part of the combo, this stringed instrument turns out to be a way to add new horizons to Idensity’s landscapes by creating new sonorities, what is a permanent preoccupation for the band. The result: dark and heat melodic lines such as serene and romantic figures are pictured on a strong and tortured base, sustained by the alternation of clear and death vocal parts.

By this way Idensity hopes to offer at each listening time a wide range of atmospheres and emotions…

Idensity has performed and shared its universe with French, Belgian and Swiss audience for over three years. They share topbilling with bands like Dagoba, Decapitated, Zuul Fx, Bukowski, Fractal Gates, Dreadful Silence and many more...

In summer 2012, Idensity records the follower of their first album, “Chronicles”, that deals with the believes and myths about the origins of the End of life. It sets to lyrics and music the dreadful chapters of the dogmas respected by humanity.

This second album, mixed by Dan Swano, will be released the 28 October 2013 .

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